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Dr. Dianna Leong, Dr. Anh Bui,
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Your Calgary eye doctor knows that getting the right prescription for your eyeglasses or contact lenses is an important part of good eye care.

At Foresight Eyecare, in Calgary, AB, we take it a step further by taking time to focus on complete health with a preventative approach.  Our optometrists, Dr. Dianna Leong, Dr. Anh Bui and Dr. Elizabeth Yan take the time to educate our patients and their families about their eyes. Dr. Leong follows through with personalized recommendations for vision needs and eye health.

Dr. Leong also has a passion for diabetes eye care and education and a special interest in contact lenses and specialty fits.

Dr. Bui has a special interest in vision therapy. Our optician assistants can follow through with careful selection of the right eyewear options for you at a family budget.

Dr. Yan is able to perform exams in Cantonese and her special interest areas include contact lenses, pediatric and low vision examinations.

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Our goal is to provide comprehensive eye care, not only optical solutions for our patients but to give doctor’s recommendations to ensure future well-being of our patients’ eyes. We strive to reach our patients’ eye care needs and goals in a professional and compassionate manner. We network with other healthcare professionals for the total wellness of our patients. Utilize current eye research and technology to provide our patients with foresight into one’s vision or eye health and provide eye care remedies.

Q&A with Dr’s Leong, Bui, & Yan

Our Eye Doctors Answer Your Eyecare Questions

Q: Are Online Coloured Contact Lenses Safe for My Eyes?

A: Recently the optometrists at Foresight Eyecare have noticed a surge in inappropriate contact lens fits from online purchases. New contact lens websites that have recently come up present “new” contact lenses seem like new technology. When the doctors assessed these “new” lenses, they are in fact lenses that were popular from 1980’s and 1990’s technology e.g. methafilcon A, polymacon. This contact lens generation has insufficient oxygen permeability for more than 10 hours of wear time, and even lower wear time for higher prescriptions.

The contact lens edge design is also crucial for eye health, as a lens that fits tightly or decentres and makes contact with inappropriate parts of the eye can cause damage to the cornea or other parts of the eye. The lens fit is crucial for clear vision, and to avoid discomfort and micro-abrasions to the eye that can lead to eye infection or inflammation, and in extreme cases, certain infections can lead to ulcers and blindness. In July 2016, the Government of Canada started to regulate decorative contact lenses (also known as cosmetic or coloured contact lenses). They are considered Class 2 medical devices, and in order to sell these contact lenses, distributors need to provide assurance that the contact lens imported into Canada have procedures in place to protect the public should a problem with a medical device be identified.

When you receive a contact lens fitting through an optometrist or licensed contact lens fitter, the contact lens is selected based on measurements of your eyes, and discussing how you would wear the lenses before making recommendations on best lens design, material, and modality for you. Then when you receive your contact lenses, follow-up is done to ensure that they have been properly manufactured and fit properly.

Learn more about Contact Lenses here

At Foresight Eyecare, Drs. Leong and Bui would be happy to discuss any visual concerns you may have at your next eye exams.

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Our optometry clinic is located on the north side of Calgary with easy access from Deerfoot Trail, Airport Trail and Stoney Trail.   Bus access is convenient access along the main bus routes #301 and #300 (10 minutes directly from the Airport via bus).  We are also within walking distance to the communities of Country Hills, Harvest Hills, and Panorama Hills.

Our mission is to promote the long-term well being of our patients' eyes, providing thorough eye health care and quality optical solutions recommended by the doctor.


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Please contact us with any questions you might have. If this is an eye emergency and it is after hours, please go to the nearest emergency hospital to get immediate assistance.

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