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Our mission is to promote the long-term well being of our patients' eyes, providing thorough eye health care and quality optical solutions recommended by the doctor.

Your Calgary eye doctor knows that getting the right prescription for your eyeglasses or contact lenses is an important part of good eye care.

At Foresight Eyecare, in Calgary, AB, we take it a step further by taking time to focus on complete health with a preventative approach.  Our optometrists, Dr. Dianna Leong and Dr. Anh Bui, take the time to educate our patients and their families about their eyes. Dr. Leong follows through with personalized recommendations for vision needs and eye health. Dr. Leong also has a passion for diabetes eye care and education and a special interest in contact lenses and specialty fits. Dr. Bui has a special interest in vision therapy. Our optician assistants can follow through with careful selection of the right eyewear options for you at a family budget.

Our optometry clinic is located on the north side of Calgary with easy access from Deerfoot Trail, Airport Trail and Stoney Trail.   Bus access is convenient access along the main bus routes #301 and #300 (10 minutes directly from the Airport via bus).  We are also within walking distance to the communities of Country Hills, Harvest Hills, and Panorama Hills.

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Q&A with Dr. L

Dr. Leong Answers Your Eyecare Questions

Which Allergy Eye drops Should I Use?

Dr. Leong: Spring has arrived…and so has allergy season. If your eyes and nose are getting itchy and congested but you crave to be outdoors, then you can find relief with proper medications. An oral allergy medication is generally effective but can have side effects such as drowsiness. Dry eyes can be alleviated by an artificial tear. However, if the eyes remain itchy usually allergy eyedrops are required. Over the counter allergy drops only help the mildest cases, as they have a vasoconstrictor that takes away redness, but often overuse can cause rebound redness. Prescription allergy drops can include an antihistamine and mast cell stabilizer, so one drop per day in the morning can be enough to take away the itch. However severe allergies that have severe itch as well as signs of swelling and redness may require more potent eyedrops that can be prescribed by Dr. Leong or Dr. Bui.

Whatever you do, AVOID RUBBING the eyes. Eye rubbing may provide temporary relief, but it sets off an inflammatory cascade that worsens the allergy response. Cold towels can also help if no medications are available, as heat also worsens the allergy response.

If you have irritated eyes, call Dr. Leong or Dr. Bui for an appointment. Remember, Alberta Health Care covers medical eye exams such as symptomatic red eyes. A proper prescription eyedrop can work wonders for your allergies.

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What Our Patient's Say

I was extremely impressed with Dr Leong when I showed up at her office without an appointment in early May. I had noticed something odd with my 1-month old’s son eye while I had been up with him the night before. There was a white reflection in his left eye. I of course had gone on the Internet and looked this up and had convinced myself that my son had retinablastoma (a type of cancer).

Dr. Leong’s receptionist was very gracious when this sleep deprived crazed mom showed up without an appointment. She let me know that Dr. Leong was not in yet. She often came in early and would be there shortly. Dr. Leong saw me immediately when she arrived. She was calm and reassuring when she examined my son, taking my concerns seriously. She quickly assessed that she suspected that my son had a cataract in his eye. She then tried to get him in to see an opthamologist that day.

Unfortunately, the pediatric opthamologist was unable to see him. Dr. Leong then spent the day on the phone between her appointments trying to get him into the vision clinic at Alberta Children’s Hospital. They were also unable to see me so Dr. Leong made me an appt with the opthamologist on call at the Rocky View Hospital the next day, which was of course the Saturday of the may long weekend. Her diagnosis was confirmed. I am happy to report that we have since seen the pediatric opthamologist at Alberta Children’s Hospital and Drew’s surgery dare is scheduled.

Thank you Dr. Leong for working so hard to help Drew. Your commitment to getting Drew seen was admirable. We are unable to express how much your diligence and persistence has benefited Drew, our family and his sight. Thank You. – Michelle

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