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Dr. Andrew Chan

Dr. Andrew Chan

Dr. Andrew Chan is a residency-trained optometrist who graduated with honours from the New England College of Optometry.  Prior to this, he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Calgary and obtained his BSc. in Biological Sciences.

During his clinical training, he practiced in a wide variety of clinical settings with diverse patient demographics giving him a greater understanding of epidemiologic trends in eyecare.  His experiences include working with community health centres in Boston, the New England Eye Institute, and the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Manchester, NH.  He also trained at the University of Maryland's Department of Ophthalmology in Baltimore, MD, where he gained insight on surgical disease management and in-depth understanding of the full spectrum of eyecare.  Following graduation, he pursued residency training with the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, working with a group ophthalmology practice in Maryland to gain further experience in ocular disease.  During his residency, he had the opportunity to work in conjunction with pediatric, refractive surgery, retinal and glaucoma specialists.  Also during this time, he was also a sub-investigator for a number of clinical trials, researching next-generation pharmaceuticals for eyecare - many of which have now successfully reached the market.

He has presented at the American Academy of Optometry, lectured at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and presented at continuing education courses.  He has also been a provider of hospital inpatient and nursing home eyecare.

Born and raised in Calgary, Dr. Chan eventually decided to return to his hometown.  As an avid skier, he enjoys Calgary's proximity to the mountains.  In his spare time, he is passionate about fitness and nutrition; but has interest and experience in a broad number of athletic activities, enabling him to understand patients' visual needs from a performance perspective.

He is dual certified by the American National Board of Examiners in Optometry and the Canadian Examiners in Optometry.  He is an active member of the Alberta College of Optometrists, Alberta Association of Optometrists, Calgary Society of Optometrists, and Canadian Association of Optometrists.