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Dr. Dianna Leong

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Dr. Leong graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1994. She has enjoyed seeing her patients grow with her over the years and feels she has done her job well if she can detect and treat her patients eye care needs over the long term. She initially practiced with an ophthalmology group and commuted to Olds, Alberta. For three years, she was an adjunct assistant professor for the School of Optometry in Pacific University, Oregon. Previously working in other parts of Calgary, Dr. Leong is happy be the founder of Foresight Eyecare and to serve North Central Calgary, particularly the areas of Country Hills, Panorama Hills and Harvest Hills.

Dr. Leong is committed to preventative eyecare (hence the name Foresight) using leading edge developments. She has a passion for diabetes prevention and education on proper eye foods, as well as special interest in myopia control and specialty contact lens fits. She served in her profession in years past as president and executive member of the Calgary Society of Optometrists, which offers education and collaboration among optometrists, local ophthalmologists and other health care professionals. She continues to hone her skills with volunteer activities such as speaking at local schools on eye care, and joining the national team writing board exam items for the Canadian Optometry Licencing exams.

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