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Pertinent Publications

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With the latest scientific study results, practical advice, and meal ideas and recipes, Eyefoods is a comprehensive and easy to understand guide to science and health. Through their daily interactions with patients both optometrists saw the need for a way to educate people regarding the benefits of good nutrition and vision. Drs. Capogna and Pelletier write, “Over our years of practice there has been an increasing number of scientific studies that show a link between diet, lifestyle and the prevention of eye disease.

As optometrists, we want to share this information with our patients and the public. We analyzed the past and current research on nutrition and eye disease. We identified the most important nutrients in the prevention of eye disease, Eye Nutrients. After careful analysis of hundreds of whole foods, we found the foods that contain the most Eye Nutrients.

These are Eyefoods.” To show how simple it is to help maintain healthy eyes for a lifetime the optometrists created the Eyefoods Plan. This easy to use tool is included in the Eyefoods book to help you integrate Eyefoods and lifestyle recommendations into your daily life.

Eyefoods is the idea and creation of Dr. Laurie Capogna and Dr. Barbara Pelletier, supported by in-depth research and over 25 years of optometric experience.

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