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A wealth of vision resources for you on the net.. Click Away.

Alberta Association of Optometrists

  • The mission of the Alberta Association of Optometrists is to promote excellence in the practice of optometry, to enhance public recognition of optometry as the primary vision care provider in Alberta, and to advance the interests of the profession.

All About Vision

  • A comprehensive patient guide to all aspects of eye health and vision correction.

Canadian Association of Optometrists

  • Healthy Eyes. Doctor Delivered. This site offers Canadians access to the latest information and education about eye health, eye care and eye wear.

Info on Refractive Surgery

  • This site offers a balanced view on Laser Vision Correction as well as other types of refractive surgery.

LASIK Surgery News

  • Is laser vision correction right for you? Visit for the latest news about LASIK and other refractive surgery to help you decide.

Canadian Diabetes Association

Now Diabetes Canada. By speaking with a stronger, clearer voice, Diabetes Canada will raise the profile of diabetes and bring more Canadians to our cause.

Diabetes Essentials

Metro Dental Care

American Academy of Ophthalmology

  • Protecting Sight. Empowering Lives.

Carl Zeiss Vision

  • See the difference.


  • Taking AR to the Extreme

Eye Foods

  • A food plan for healthy eyes.