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Abiliti 1-day Contact Lenses

Foresight Eyecare is proud to offer the Acuvue abiliti 1-Day Soft Theraputic Lens for Myopia Management

The abiliti 1-Day is designed to slow the progression of Myopia

The ACUVUE abiliti 1-Day aims to support your child in an active lifestyle today and better eye health tomorrow.

The abiliti 1-Day is the first and only daily disposable silicone hydrogel lenses designed specifically for the pediatric eye to slow the progression of your child’s myopia while correcting your child’s vision.

  • Superior breathability and comfort for young patients.
  • A great alternative to spectacle therapy and/or can be used in conjunction with other forms of myopia control.
  • Specifically designed for pediatric eyes – featuring a smaller lens size and shape than conventional (adult) contact lenses.

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