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Disposable Contact Lenses

Are All 1-Day Contact Lenses the Same?

If you wear shoe size 8, do all shoes in this size feel equally comfortable? Of course not. Similarly, one size does not fit all for one-day contact lenses. Even if your vision is perfect and you want special eye colour-changing contacts, a contact lens fitting is important. Why?

disposable contact lenses calgary abAt Foresight Eyecare, your northwest Calgary eye doctor, your optometrist will measure the contour of your eyes and find the lens design that most closely matches the shape of your eye. Wearing the right daily contact lens can be easy and hassle free. An ill-fitting lens can cause abrasions to your cornea or conjunctiva (front surface of the eyes). If this persists, eye can feel “dry” and eventually may result in infections or ulcers.

Lens material can also be very comfortable for one person, yet cause sensitivities in somebody else. The lens is packaged in a solution, and on occasion the preservative or other wetting agents within the package solution may also cause eye irritation.

New technologies in disposable contact lenses have produced many new brands of daily contact lenses. Improved breathability, reduced dryness, and a fresh new contact lens every day provides comfort and convenience like never before. More complex lens prescriptions are also now available in 1-day contact lenses, such as astigmatism and multifocal powers.
Wearing one day contact lenses can be a great experience for campers, swimmers, kids, and people who have difficulty cleaning lenses or remembering when they are supposed to replace their contact lenses. Contact lenses should be customized to fit you and your lifestyle, so ensure you get the right fitting lens from your eye doctor, as all 1-day contacts are NOT the same.

At Foresight EyeCare we carry all of the major disposable brands including Bausch and Lomb’s Biotrue ONEday contact lenses and Alcon’s DAILIES TOTAL1® water gradient contact lenses

Call our eye doctors for a NW Calgary eye exam and contact lens fitting. Come in and check out our selection!