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What are the Risks of Online Shopping for Contact Lenses and Glasses?

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The ‘real deal’ on contact lenses is that they are medical devices that require a proper fit, as one size does not fit all. The fitting process needs a professional that has been trained to assess lens sizing, appropriate lens movement on the eye, and healthy eye response to lens wear over time. Many people buy contact lenses online because of convenience and may not see that it is not always the least expensive option, and that wearing contact lenses requires maintenance.

Like driving your vehicle, if not maintained at least annually, problems are likely to arise. Contact lenses can become warped, eyes can change shape, and change in environment, medications or pregnancy etc may affect lens wear.

From the Doctor’s perspective, patients often report that their lenses feel dry. When the doctor looks under the microscope, the “dryness” is actually inflammation requiring more intense treatment than over the counter dry eye drops. Routine contact lens checkups ensure that serious eye complications are avoided. At Foresight Eyecare, your Calgary AB optometrist, we also provide warranties, include replacement lenses if a lens is torn, defective, or a lens power change has occurred. We also keep you up to date on new lens technology to better suite your vision needs and lifestyle demands.

Drs. Leong and Bui focus their energies on total well being. Many contact lens wearers rely on their contacts, and cannot remember the last time they updated their glasses. A back up pair of glasses is important, so Foresight Eyecare provides special bundling packages for contact lenses, glasses and sunwear to ensure that the eyes stay protected.

If shopping for glasses online, you risk dealing with an unreliable reseller – a site that is dealing with grey market products or could go out of business. Buying online does not always include Rx verification, advice on frame fit, adjustments, repairs, warranties and more. Often P.D. measurements are requested by online sites, but they are missing the total positioning of the lens in front of the eye. This can result in eye strain, headaches and other vision issues. Your Calgary eye doctors and trained technicians would look carefully at selecting the most suitable (not necessarily most expensive) lens material, design and coating that meet your daily needs, and find the best fitting frame also.

There is no safer and smarter substitute than dealing with eyecare professionals in your own backyard. At Foresight Eyecare, our team enjoys getting to know our patients to provide optimal service, know-how and value.

Children’s Vision Month – Eye Am Ready for School

New adventures of a new school year bring excitement to many children. A new school year can also bring challenges.

Did you know that 60% of children with reading difficulties have an undiagnosed or untreated vision problem? Dr. Dianna Leong and Dr. Anh Bui try to get a good start to the school year. Vision is often missed as a roadblock to a child’s ability to learn, since sight is different than vision. Sight (20/20) is what the eyes see whereas vision relates to how we draw meaning from what we see. A child may have the ability to see at 20 feet what a person should normally see at 20 feet (i.e.20/20 vision), but could still have problems with tracking words or focusing both eyes as a team.

How can you tell if your child needs help in building this visual ability? There are many signs: reversing words when writing or copying, confusion the same word in the same sentence and failing to visualize what is read, to name a few. Fortunately, vision is developed in a sequence of stages, which means that vision can be trained and improved.

In this electronic generation, the visual demands on children’s eyes are at an all time high. If your child needs to use the computer to do their homework, find out about the damaging effect of high energy blue light, and protective blue blocker lens coatings to block the blue light from tablets, computers, and smart phones. Ultra-violet light is an invisible hazard. Children have more transparent lenses in their eyes and more sensitive skin on their bodies. By age 20, the average person has received 80% of their life’s UV exposure. At Foresight Eyecare, we attempt to protect eyes for a lifetime by providing clear UV blocking prescription lenses for all kids. Sunglasses, sports glasses and special kids glasses packages are available at our office for durability, lens loss or scratches and prescription changes.

Dr. Leong and Dr. Bui also provide special lenses for myopia control. We have experienced success with Zeiss’ Myovision lens since it came to Canada in 2012. Special anti-fatigue lenses are also available to reduce eyestrain, and custom designed contact lenses can be adapted to use for myopia control.

What % of UV exposure would the average person receive by age 20?

Did you know?

At 20 years of age, the average person has received 80% of their life’s UV exposure. Children have more transparent lenses in their eyes and more sensitive skin on their bodies. As a result, they are at greater risk of experiencing adverse effects of over-exposure to UV light. The effects of overexposure to UV light at a younger age may not show up until later in life with higher risk of cataracts and slow degeneration of the back layer of the eye, known as Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Early protection is critical.

Foresight Eyecare is proud to launch Sunglass Cove! With several brands including Ray Ban and Maui Jim, find the right combination of fashion and function. The Foresight Eyecare team can help you find the sunglasses that look great and fit well. The frame should be big enough to do its job, prevent UV light and glare from leaking in from the top or sides of the glasses. The lens should give sharp detailed vision without distortion. Which tint colour suits your lifestyle? Are you a golfer? A skiier? How about cycling? Different tints and coatings will enhance your performance depending on the activity.

UV protection is available in some clear lenses as well as sunglasses. The choice can be confusing if you do not have some background information. Not all lenses are equal in terms of UV protection. E.g. cheaply made UV400 sunglasses will have a spray-on coating that will wear off with cleaning and give you a false sense of security. Distortion from mass producing these lenses can also cause eyestrain.

Blue Light Hazard

Our children’s generation is also exposed to a new hazard to the eyes – high energy blue light.

Almost all digital devices (such as smartphones, tablets, computers) as well as light emitting fixtures such as fluorescent lamps have light emitting diodes (LED) that radiate blue-violet wavelength light. Blue light penetrates into deeper layers of the eye compared to other lights. This can cause eyestrain, and research suggests long term exposure can also cause AMD. Limiting screentime , especially before going to sleep, is also helpful for people who have problems sleeping. Eyewear is available with blue light blocker coatings to reduce the effects of blue light.