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20/20 Focus Onwards

Food good for eyes, 20/20 Focus Onwards

It is a new year with a fresh start.  The Foresight Eyecare Team wishes you a healthy and happy year to come.  We want to provide you with some nutrition tips to give you 20/20 focus that is as simple as A B C.

How Can Food Help Keep My Eyes Healthy?

Vitamin A

This vitamin is an important component of visual pathway for rods and cones within the retina.  A deficiency in Vitamin A leads to insufficient production of beta carotene which can result in night blindness and dry eye.  Many orange vegetables such as orange peppers, sweet potato and of course, carrots, provide the Vitamin A needed for your body.   Unless recommended by your doctor, it is not recommended to take beta carotene vitamin supplements.  Smokers especially run a higher risk of lung cancer if they take beta carotene supplements, which used to be common in many eye vitamins.

Vitamin B

This is a complex of vitamins most commonly in foods such as meat, milk, eggs and fish.  B1 (thiamine) deficiency can reduce a person’s visual acuity (ability to see fine detail).   Generally, B vitamins help maintain energy and blood sugar levels, and repair and maintain molecules within your cells.   Particularly good eye foods that have many of the Vitamin B complex include salmon and spinach.

Vitamin C

This vitamin helps the body in many ways.  For eyes, Vitamin C helps with healing and slowing down cataract formation.   It protects the proteins of the crystalline lens in the eye from the UV exposure damage by reducing the free radicals.   Many fruits such as kiwi and oranges are loaded with Vitamin C, as well as certain Eye foods vegetables such as orange and red bell peppers, and kale.

Play Outside More

Another method of helping the eyes is to simply get outdoors more regularly.   A Taiwan research study shows that spending 2 hours per day outside prevented the start of myopia (nearsightedness).  One theory is that a retinal hormone called dopamine is stimulated and blocks the abnormal growth of the eye, which prevents the onset of myopia.  Even in the electronic generation that we now live in, we can teach our children and ourselves how to play outdoors again.

Keep your sight on staying focused towards a healthy 20/20.  Drs. Leong, Yung, and Bui wish you a happy new year!

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