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Myopia Control with MiSight 1-day Contact Lenses

An exciting new contact lens has landed in Canada as of March 2018. Dr. Dianna Leong, Dr. Anh Bui and Dr. Elizabeth Yan have done the necessary training to offer this new myopia control lens for children and adults.

MiSight is the first soft contact lens with proven clinical research to slow down the progression of myopia in children by 59%. Traditional glasses and contact lenses allow peripheral focus BEHIND the retina, which triggers a biofeedback stimulus to increase the length of the eye (axial length) and as a result, increasing myopia. MiSight helps prevent increasing axial length of the eye by a patented “two zone” peripheral lens technology that creates peripheral image focus in FRONT of the retina rather than behind it. The central zone is clear for distance viewing, but the peripheral lens zone still has myopic defocus to avoid the biofeedback stimulus. The lens provides myopia control in any direction of gaze since the contact lens follows the direction that a person is looking, and the lens also controls for light or dark conditions.

The research was done in Canada, England, Portugal and Singapore over 3 years in children ages 8 to 12 years old comparing MiSight lenses to standard contact lenses. After 3 years, the evidence showed that myopia was reduced by 59%, and there was less than 0.25 D lens power change over 3 years in 41% of MiSight users.

Children were trained to handle the 1-day disposable contact lenses and most found that the lenses were easy to insert and remove, and had good comfort during the day. After one month of use, most children adapted to the lens (halos are common at first) and parental help with lens handling was no longer needed.

As children live in an electronic era now, Drs. Leong and Bui attempt to keep our patients on the forefront of preventing myopia by building healthy lifestyle habits, and controlling myopia with leading-edge technology. Contact our office to learn more.

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