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What Does Your Eye Doctor Need to Know About You?

What do you know about your own eyes? There are several things you should inform us of so that we can make sure your eyes are analyzed accurately and thoroughly.

It's important that you let us know about any recent health conditions or problems you are experiencing as eyes are often affected by changes in your body. What are some conditions we'd need to know about? Here are some examples: pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even something which may seem trivial, like allergies. If a woman is pregnant, the hormonal changes may affect the vision unpredictably so it may be better to hold off obtaining a new prescription for glasses until 6 weeks after breastfeeding is completed.   If you've been prescribed any medications, it is important to disclose what you're taking, because prescription and even non-prescription drugs can affect the state of your eyes.

We will also take into consideration details of your current lifestyle, such as if you're a smoker, as this can also be the cause of a number of eye conditions. Tell us what you're using your eyes for. Do you work in a factory, or do you work in an office? Knowing these facts will really make it simpler for us to figure out the most effective thing for your eyes.

As a number of eye-related diseases can be passed down to you from your parents, it is vital that you tell us if there are any of them in your immediate family, especially macular degeneration or glaucoma. Being aware of which eye diseases you may be prone to can make it simpler for us to keep an eye out for and monitor any warning signs.

Make an appointment if you notice anything odd about your eyes and vision including blurriness, fatigue, flashes of light, spots and double vision. We will discover the root of the condition, and then recommend the most appropriate treatment. It's also good if you take your most recent glasses along to your exam. They give us important information, even if you're a contact lens wearer. Together, we will discover the most effective way to tend to all your vision needs.