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Change It Up With Coloured Contacts

Do you want a fresh look for your eyes? There are many colour contact lenses you can choose from to subtly enhance or noticeably change your eye colour.

With all the colour contact lenses on the market today, you are sure to find what you’re looking for. Whether your eyes are dark or light, colour contact lenses can change the colour of your eyes and give you a new, beautiful and natural look. Colour contact lenses are available in monthly replacement, two-week replacement and daily disposable lens options.  You can even get a "rainbow pack" if you cannot decide on just one colour.

When choosing a colour contact lens, take into account your natural eye colour, hair colour, skin tone and the type of change you'd like to make. If you want to explore different colour options and see how these lenses will change your look, your optometrist may guide you as you try on different colours to see how they transform your look.

It's important to buy contacts from a trained contact lens fitter only. Why?  Because not all contact lenses fit the same way, even if they are not prescription lenses.   A lens with no prescription may still scratch the eye and cause damage called corneal abrasion, or even a corneal ulcer if it rubs badly enough against the eye.   Always remember that contact lenses are considered medical devices.   Make sure to stay away from colour contact lens suppliers that may carry unregulated contacts coloured with hazardous dyes. Whether colour contacts are used as prescription lenses to improve your vision or to simply boost your own colour, they need to be fitted and prescribed by your optometrist. So be sure to visit us to find out about your colour contact lens options.