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A Tearless Winter

Tears are necessary to keep your eyes healthy. They rinse the eye of any dust or particles and keep the eyes moist and comfortable. Certain enzymes found in tears eliminate microorganisms that can be found in the eye.
When the eyes lack sufficient tears, the results are often discomfort such as constant feelings of dryness, burning, scratchiness or the feeling of a foreign body in your eye. Ironically, sometimes dry eyes can cause watery eyes in an attempt to compensate for dryness.

Dry eye syndrome can be a result of a several reasons. Dry eyes are often age related since it is usually adults that complain of dry eye syndrome, and often women during menopause. Reduction in tear production can also result from certain medicines such as antihistamines, antidepressants, birth control pills as well as others. Dry or dusty air, and excessive heating or air conditioning are also known causes. Additionally, certain systemic diseases or deficiencies in tear production, continual use of the computer which can reduce blinking, or use of contact lenses can add to the chances of dry eyes.

Dry eye symptoms can often be alleviated with lubricating eye drops to reduce dryness. It’s a good idea to consult with your eye doctor to make sure you are using the right eye drops in the right way. If over the counter drops aren’t working you may need prescription drops that actually help your eyes to make more tears. Some optometrists may suggest you try ways for you to modify your environment or your diet to reduce discomfort.

For the majority of individuals, dry eyes will not result in any permanent harm but can be a nuisance. However, severe cases could make you more at risk of infection so it is worthwhile to consult with your eye doctor.

Particularly in the cold season, it would help to make every effort to protect your eyes from dryness, biting winds and particles. Using sunglasses when going outdoors and trying out a humidifier inside to combat dry heat are ways to reduce exposure and dryness.

If you are feeling some of the symptoms listed above visit your eye doctor today!

Thank you for trusting your eyecare with us over the years.  The Foresight Eyecare team follows the government mandate to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.  After December 2020 announcements made by the Alberta Government, our clinic is following the revised Infection Prevention and Control policy by the Alberta College of Optometrists.

Patients interested in obtaining eye exam services or eye care products can be seen by appointment only.  Please call ahead, and staff will arrange an appointment time and ask COVID-19 screening questions.  If you have any symptoms of cough, fever, runny nose or shortness of breath, we ask that you call or e-mail us and do not attend the clinic for your scheduled visit.   Within the clinic, please wear a mask and use the hand sanitizer at reception.  Our clinic complies with the City of Calgary bylaw requiring mask covering over the age of two years old.  For patients who are unable to wear a face covering due to medical reasons, the patient can be scheduled for an appointment at a time when minimal number of other patients are in the clinic such as at the beginning or end of the day to ensure appropriate physical distancing requirements.

We are using disposable disinfectant wipes on all surfaces and devices such as front desk counters, chairs, handles in exam rooms and waiting room.  All eyewear that have been touched by patients are continually being sanitized.   Any toys and magazines are stored at this time.  Examination areas are being sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant.  Debit and credit cards but NO CASH payments will be accepted.

COVID-19 symptoms are not always obvious.  We want to fend off this pandemic and minimize risk to our patients and the Foresight staff as front line health workers.   Contact that is closer than 2 m (6 feet) is to be avoided, with barriers in place when this cannot be avoided. We choose to continue to do our work and cautiously take care of our patients with compassion, humility, gentleness, and patience.   It is a challenging and new experience for many of us, so let‘s support each other and prevent virus spread!  Beyond 2020, our focus is on take care of you and keeping Clean Hands, Clear Heads and Open Hearts.   For more information, please refer to the following web pages or phone Health Link 811.

Drs. Dianna Leong, Anh Bui, Andrew Chan