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Our mission is to promote the long-term well being of our patients' eyes, providing thorough eye health care and quality optical solutions recommended by the doctor.

Your Calgary eye doctor knows that getting the right prescription for your eyeglasses or contact lenses is an important part of good eye care.

At Foresight Eyecare, in Calgary, AB, we take it a step further by taking time to focus on complete health with a preventative approach.  Our optometrists, Dr. Dianna Leong and Dr. Anh Bui, take the time to educate our patients and their families about their eyes. Dr. Leong follows through with personalized recommendations for vision needs and eye health. Dr. Leong also has a passion for diabetes eye care and education and a special interest in contact lenses and specialty fits. Dr. Bui has a special interest in vision therapy. Our optician assistants can follow through with careful selection of the right eyewear options for you at a family budget.

Our optometry clinic is located on the north side of Calgary with easy access from Deerfoot Trail, Airport Trail and Stoney Trail.   Bus access is convenient access along the main bus routes #301 and #300 (10 minutes directly from the Airport via bus).  We are also within walking distance to the communities of Country Hills, Harvest Hills, and Panorama Hills.

Q&A with Dr. B.

Dr. Bui Answers Your Eyecare Questions

It’s back to school time. How can I help my children best prepare for school?

A: Vision is a significant part of a child’s learning experience. Therefore, a great first step is ensuring your children have complete eye exams before school starts. Full eye exams not only detect vision changes but they can also determine if there are any health concerns. Remember, annual eye exams are recommended for children under 18 years old because their eyes and/or vision can dramatically change within a short time period.

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What % of UV exposure does the average person would receive by age 20?

Children have more transparent lenses in their eyes and more sensitive skin on their bodies. As a result, they are at greater risk of experiencing adverse effects of over-exposure to UV light. Read More.

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When 20/20 Vision isn’t Enough For Your Child

Since studies show that learning is 80% visual, children with untreated vision problems can really suffer when it comes to school. Most people think that good “vision” means 20/20 acuity but in reality, vision is much more complex.  Your brain is actually what completes the processing of the visual world...

Cutting Edge Eye-dentification

We have all seen the futuristic thrillers that use high-tech eye scanning identification systems but nowadays the technology does exist to use them in real life. A greater number of high security establishments have begun to use iris recognition for identification and security systems. How does it work? The iris...

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